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Buying with local pickup

Convenient, Eco-Friendly Shopping with Local Pickup Options


At Ecocrafted Shop, we offer local pickup options for our customers, providing a convenient and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional shipping methods. Local pickup allows you to collect your purchases from designated locations, reducing carbon footprint and packaging waste.

How to Use Local Pickup

  1. Choose Local Pickup: When shopping, look for items that offer local pickup and select this option at checkout.
  2. Pickup Location Selection: Choose a convenient pickup location from the available options.
  3. Complete Your Purchase: Finish the checkout process. You’ll receive an order confirmation with pickup details.

What Happens Next

  • Order Preparation: We’ll prepare your order and notify you when it’s ready for pickup.
  • Pickup Notification: You’ll receive an email or SMS with detailed instructions on where and how to pick up your order.
  • Collection Timeframe: Orders are usually ready for pickup within 48h after purchase confirmation.

Preparing for Pickup

  • Bring Identification: Please bring a valid photo ID and your order confirmation for verification.
  • Follow Pickup Instructions: Each pickup location may have specific instructions. Please follow these to ensure a smooth collection.

Benefits of Local Pickup

  • Save on Shipping: Local pickup is a cost-effective alternative to shipping, especially for larger items.
  • Quicker Collection: In many cases, local pickup can be faster than waiting for delivery.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Reduces the environmental impact associated with shipping.

Need to Change Your Pickup Option?

If you need to change your pickup location or switch to delivery, please contact us as soon as possible.

Questions or Concerns?

For any questions about local pickup or if you need assistance with your order, our customer service team is ready to help. Contact us here for prompt support.

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