AGLEX Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights 240W-1000W – Samsung Powered Greenhouse Lighting for Optimal Plant Growth $89.89

Introducing the AGLEX Grow Light Samsung series, a range of high-performance LED grow lights designed to optimize your greenhouse growth. This series includes a variety of power options, from 240W to 1000W, to cater to different growing needs.

The AGLEX Grow Light Samsung series is engineered with full-spectrum LED lights, providing your plants with a balanced light source that mimics natural sunlight. This ensures your plants receive the right wavelengths for photosynthesis, promoting healthier growth and higher yields.

Each model in the series is equipped with Samsung LED chips, known for their superior quality and longevity. These chips emit a powerful, consistent light that penetrates deep into the plant canopy, reaching even the most hidden leaves.

The AGLEX Grow Light Samsung series is designed with energy efficiency in mind. Despite their high power, these lights consume less energy compared to traditional grow lights, reducing your electricity costs while still providing your plants with the light they need.

The series also features an advanced cooling system. Each unit is fitted with high-speed fans and a built-in aluminum heat sink, ensuring the lights stay cool even after hours of operation. This not only prolongs the lifespan of the lights but also creates a safer growing environment.

The AGLEX Grow Light Samsung series is easy to install and use. Each unit comes with a hanging kit and adjustable rope, allowing you to set the light at the perfect height for your plants. The lights are also dimmable, giving you complete control over the light intensity.

In summary, the AGLEX Grow Light Samsung series offers a powerful, efficient, and reliable lighting solution for your greenhouse. Whether you’re growing vegetables, flowers, or herbs, these lights will help your plants thrive while saving you money on energy costs. Experience the difference with the AGLEX Grow Light Samsung series.

Additional information
Lamp Power(W)

650W, 400W, 320W, 240W, Small Controller, 100W-1200W in Available, 1000W, 800W

Emitting Color

Warm White, Cold White, Blue, Red, UV , IR

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