DANKARI Electric Spin Scrubber, Shower Scrubber with LED Display & 6 Replacement Scrubber Head, 2H Bathroom Scrubber Dual Speed, Electric Scrubber for Cleaning Bathtub Grout Tile Floor, Light Green $71.99

Brand: Dankari
Color: Green
Handle Material: ABS + Aluminum Tube
Specific Uses For Product: electric spin scrubber for cleaning bathroom, floor, shower
Product Dimensions: 44.1″L x 4.4″W x 4.4″H

🚀[ð‡ð¨ð®ð¬ðžð¡ð¨ð¥ð ð‚ð¥ðžðšð§ð¢ð§ð  ð†ðšð¦ðž ð‚ð¡ðšð§ð ðžð«]: Do you feel back pain from bending over to clean the stubborn stains on the bath? Suffering in your back and knees because of bending over to clean the bathroom? Do you keep cleaning the bathroom once a week? DANKARI Electric Spin Scrubber can perfectly solve your troubles, let the responsibility into a game, and cleaning is no longer a burden.
🌀[2ï¸âƒ£ð’ð©ð¢ð§ ðŒð¨ððž& ðð¨ð°ðžð«ðŸð®ð¥ ð‚ð¥ðžðšð§ð¢ð§ð ]: The Dankari M6MAX power scrubber is equipped with a high-performance motor and two adjustable speeds with one-touch control.🌟For daily cleaning, use the low-speed mode with a brush head speed of 300RPM; 🌟When Cleaning stubborn stains(soap scum, grout, etc), with two clicks for high-speed mode, The M6MAX will quickly clean stubborn stains at 450RPM in minutes.
ðŸ—ï¸[Intelligent Control& Digital Display] Stay in control of your cleaning tasks with the DANKARI power scrubber Intelligent Control with Digital Display. Effortlessly adjust speed settings and monitor battery life on the sleek digital display, ensuring an optimized cleaning experience every time.
✅[3ï¸âƒ£ð€ðð£ð®ð¬ð­ðšð›ð¥ðž ð€ð§ð ð¥ðžð¬] The brush head of the electric bathroom scrubber is adjustable from 90°, to 135°, to 180°to clean hard-to-reach corners.
🔺[6ï¸âƒ£ ðð‘ð”ð’ð‡ ð‡ð„ð€ðƒð’]: DANKARI cordless scrubber with 6 brush heads meets more daily cleaning needs with a simple swap. A dome brush for cleaning bathtubs. A wide flat brush is great for floors and tiles. A small flat brush is great for removing shower mud and scum. A pointed brush is great for tight corners and wheels. The cloth brush is great for cleaning and polishing. Chernier cloth for cars and Windows, etc, to protect the surface from wear, perfect removal of soap residue and water stains. The electric spin scrubber is committed to cleaning stubborn stains and grouts. Great for deep cleaning.
💡[3ï¸âƒ£ð¡ ðð®ð¢ðœð¤ ð‚ð¡ðšð«ð ðž, ðŸðŸðŸŽð¦ð¢ð§ð¬ ð”ð¥ð­ð«ðš-ð‹ð¨ð§ð  ð‘ð®ð§ð­ð¢ð¦ðž]DANKARI shower scrubber for Cleaning Electric Spin has a cleaning run time of up to 120 minutes and a run time of up to 60 minutes in high-speed mode. The long-lasting run time is enough to clean the entire house or meet a variety of cleaning tasks, making it convenient for daily cleaning at any time.
ðŸª[ð„ðšð¬ð²-ð‚ð¡ðšð«ð¢ð§ð  ð–ð¢ð­ð¡ ð“ð²ð©ðž-ð‚] Tired of every household appliance having its own charger? DANKARI didn’t provide a separate charger for the M6MAX in order to be environmentally friendly and carbon neutral, we included a Type-C charging cable in the package. You can simply use your existing charging head to charge the M6MAX. Tips: We recommend that you use a 5V/2A charger with a charging power of no less than 10W to charge the M6MAX, and please note that the voltage of the charger should not be greater than 9V.
ðŸ›[ðƒð®ð«ðšð›ð¥ðž&ð€ð§ð­ð¢-ð’ðœð«ðšð­ðœð¡ ðð«ð¢ð¬ð­ð¥ðžð¬, ðˆðð—🕠ð°ðšð­ðžð«ð©ð«ð¨ð¨ðŸ] DANKARI Bathroom scrubber electric bristle is made of durable stiff PP material, which is not easy to shed and can make sure to clean stubborn stains with ease without scratching your bathtub, tile, or glass. IPX7 waterproof function ensures daily safe use and a longer lifetime.
🤵[ð€ðŸð­ðžð«-ð’ðšð¥ðž ð†ð®ðšð«ðšð§ð­ðžðž, ðˆððžðšð¥ ð†ð¢ðŸð­ ðŸð¨ð« ððžð¥ð¨ð¯ðžð ðŽð§ðž]👪 DANKARI power scrubbers for cleaning bathroom is a perfect choice for a birthday gift, Mother’s Day gift, or Father’s Day gift, and for those who hate exhausting cleaning tasks, effectively relieves the burden of daily house cleaning. We promise 24h/7days customer service to each customer. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

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M6-1, M6-9, M6-10

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