Miko Chess Grand: Your Ultimate AI Chess Companion | Fully Automated Gameplay for All Skill Levels | World’s Smartest Electronic Chess Board | Magnetic Wooden Chess Sets with Self Moving Pieces $549.00

Brand: MIKO
Material: Wood
Theme: Chess, Board Games
Genre: Technology, Strategy, Educational
Number of Players: 1-2

A classic, automated wooden chess set

Miko chess

Miko Chess – Grand Set, also known as the wizard’s chess board, is a cutting-edge electronic chess board powered by robotics and artificial intelligence, making the pieces move as if enchanted. Enjoy friendly matches with a buddy or test your skills against a global community of over 40 million chess players online, all happening directly on your chessboard.

Unlike anything else

adaptive AIglobal connectedlive streamreset


The intelligent A.I. on the board, offering 20 difficulty levels, conforms to your skill level and aids in the development of enhanced strategies.

Regardless of their global location, stay connected with anyone, anytime using the app, directly from the board.

Stream global championships and tournaments directly on this board, and observe the strategies of grandmasters up close and personal.

Crafted with a dedicated parking spot, witness the pieces automatically return, prepared for the next game—all with a simple click.


The ideal board

A fun way of learning for your child to improve memory, problem solving, concentration & enhance your kid’s mental dexterity.

A classic wooden chessboard sitting in your living room, calmly dishing out a brilliant game of chess, even when you are alone!

Play against the chess computer’s A.I. or anyone globally & watch their chess pieces move automatically on your board. A classic revolution!

Take your smart chessboard to the next level

analyseailive broadcastingplay with bots


Get insightful comments against each move made. Unlock the potential of advanced game analysis. Dive deep into the world of chess and discover strategies you never knew existed!

Unlock premium A.I. levels. Challenge our adaptive A.I. with an ELO of up to 3380 and test your skills against this strongest opponent!

Host your game live as you play. Share the thrill of chess with the world, because your checkmate deserves a global audience!

Pick from a range of versatile bots. Get access to the best Lichess Bots to take your chess experience to the next level.

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