Notired Massage Chair Full Body, 2023 4D SL-Track Zero Gravity Massage Chair Shiatsu Recliner with Mat, 9 Pre-Set Auto-Programmed, Body Scan, Airbag Massage, Bluetooth Speaker $1,899.99

Brand: Notired
Color: Black&grey
Product Dimensions: 56″D x 31″W x 45″H
Special Feature: Reclining, Adjustable Height, Ergonomic, Adjustable Backrest, Foot Rest
Product Care Instructions: Wipe Clean
Material Aniline Leather:
: Material Aniline Leather
: Item Weight 189.6 Pounds
Frame Material Plastic+Aniline Leather:
: Frame Material Plastic+Aniline Leather
: Seat Material Type Aniline Leather

ã€ðð«ðžð¦ð¢ð®ð¦ ðŒðšð­ðžð«ð¢ðšð¥ &ð”ð©ð ð«ðšððžð ð…ð¨ð¨ð­ ðŒðšð¬ð¬ðšð ðžã€‘: Our full body massage chairs are made of luxurious aniline leather which is soft, breathable, skin-friendly, wear-resistant, 7–8 years of service life. Three-stage Foot massage includes foot scraping, arch roller, and calf acupuncture point massage. Acupressure on the calf roller with the foot airbag wrapped and squeezed. Effectively relieve fatigue and discomfort of your tired feet and lower leg.
ã€ð™ðžð«ð¨ ð†ð«ðšð¯ð¢ð­ð² & ð„ð±ð­ð«ðš ð‹ðšð«ð ðž ð’ðžðšð­ ð–ð¢ðð­ð¡ã€‘:The zero-gravity massage chair floating function makes you seem to be swimming in the starry sky helps to reduce the weight of the spine and heart load, and stimulates the circulation of the limbs. Additionally, this massage chair was designed after fully considering the height and weight of most Europeans and Americans. Height limit: 6.2 feet, Weight limit: 330 pounds.
ã€ðŸ“ðŸ‘.ðŸðŸ“ ð¢ð§ðœð¡ ð’ð‹ ð“ð«ðšðœð¤ & ð‹ð®ð±ð®ð«ð² ðŒðšð¬ð¬ðšð ðž ð‚ð¡ðšð¢ð« ðŒð®ð¥ð­ð¢-ðŸð®ð§ðœð­ð¢ð¨ð§ã€‘:The 53.15 inch (135 cm) SL Track Space Curved Track allows you to enjoy massaging your body from the head to the leg and back heating therapy on the lower back area can stimulate blood circulation. The massage chair also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker & USB charging port.
ã€ðŸ” ðŒðšð¬ð¬ðšð ðž ð“ðžðœð¡ð§ð¢ðªð®ðžð¬ & 🗠ð€ð®ð­ð¨ð¦ðšð­ð¢ðœ ðŒð¨ððžð¬ã€‘:Our full body massage chair offers 6 types of massage techniques and 9 automatic modes, 6 massage techniques-rolling, kneading, Tai, Tapping, Clapping, Shiatsu and acupressure. 9 automatic modes-president massage, queen slimming, neck and shoulder relaxation, Waist soothing, body stretching, comfortable sleep, Thai-style stretching, fatigue recovery, and pain relief, which can meet different kinds of massage need.
ã€ðð¨ ðšð¬ð¬ðžð¦ð›ð¥ð² ð«ðžðªð®ð¢ð«ðžð&ð€ðŸð­ðžð«-ð’ðšð¥ðž ð’ðžð«ð¯ð¢ðœðž ð†ð®ðšð«ðšð§ð­ðžðžã€‘:Our massage chair with strict quality tests before shipping and the massage chair is one-piece packaging without installation. We have professional Online Customer Services and Phone Call Services available, when you received the message chair, if you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us directly, and we will solve your problem promptly.

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Black, Black&grey, Grey&gold

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