Wholesale Smart Automatic Sanitary Bins: 12/14/16L Touch-Free, Intelligent Sensing, Electric Waste Garbage Bin $8.59$10.61

Introducing our Wholesale 12/14L/16L Touch-Free Smart Automatic Sanitary Bins, a revolutionary solution to waste management. This intelligent sensing trash can is designed to provide a hygienic, hands-free waste disposal experience. It’s not just a bin, it’s a smart device that uses advanced sensor technology to detect motion, automatically opening its lid when you approach and closing it once you’re done, eliminating the need for physical contact.

Available in three convenient sizes – 12L, 14L, and 16L, these bins are perfect for any space, from compact home offices to larger commercial settings. The sleek, modern design complements any decor, while the durable construction ensures long-lasting performance.

The standout feature of these bins is their intelligent sensing technology. The high-tech infrared sensors can detect movement within a range of 10-15 cm, ensuring the lid opens smoothly and swiftly every time. This touch-free operation not only provides convenience but also promotes a healthier environment by reducing the spread of germs.

Powered by electricity, these bins are energy-efficient and eco-friendly. They operate quietly, ensuring no disturbance, and the lid closes gently, preventing any unpleasant noise or accidental spills.

The Wholesale 12/14L/16L Touch-Free Smart Automatic Sanitary Bins are more than just waste disposal units; they are a testament to how technology can transform even the simplest household items into smart, user-friendly devices. By choosing these bins, you’re not just opting for a cleaner, more sanitary way to dispose of waste; you’re also investing in a product that offers convenience, efficiency, and a touch of modern elegance to your space.

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18650 mode, 16L, White, 18650 mode, 16L, Gray, 2*AA battery mode, 16L, White, 2*AA battery mode, 16L, Gray, 18650 mode, 14L, White, 18650 battery mode, 14L, Gray, 2*AA battery mode, 14L, White, 2*AA battery mode, 14L, Gray, 18650 battery mode, 12L, White, 18650 mode, 12L, Gray, 2*AA battery mode, 12L, White, 2*AA battery mode, 12L, Gray

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